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Modern and reliable system for professionals

Extremely easy-to-use experience lets your customers enjoy their karaoke party while you take care of your restaurant business.

All the songs your audiences love

Continuously updated catalogue of over 80 000 songs from only the best international karaoke publishers.
Pro Feature

Offline mode and smart queue management

Run karaoke with or without internet connection and receive song request directly from people's mobile phones.

Singa takes care of everything, while you focus on hosting the party

Singa Business is designed together with the help of hundreds of karaoke hosts around the world to meet the needs of professional use and also to provide a modern experience for the singers. Singa is reliable and easy-to-use and has many useful features like background music, mobile song requests, offline mode, etc.

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What it takes to be a great Karaoke Jockey

What it takes to be a great Karaoke Jockey

A karaoke industry veteran, producer of Karaoke World Championships and a long time KJ Luca Gargano thinks one of the main success factors in being a good karaoke host is having the right equipment and knowing how to use it. That’s exactly where Singa Business can help you with.

Singa Blog: What it takes to be a great Karaoke Jockey
What it takes to be a great Karaoke Jockey
All of our hosts have been using Singa now for more than 2 years and we especially like the smooth real-time transposition, mobile song requests and beautiful background visuals.
Pirjo Yökangas - Al Animare KJ collective, Finland
Pirjo YökangasAl Animare KJ collective, Finland

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