Singa for your nightclub?

Easy to use for you and your customers

Singa’s simple user interface can be used by anyone from kids to grannies.

No awkward silences with background music

Choose your background music from millions of songs and mix it live.
Pro Feature

Show ads on your screens

With our in-built ad platform you can promote your products and events by showing ads on your screens before and after people sing.

Karaoke makes the best party, but also increases your customer spend up to 40%!

A recent study finds that karaoke has a significant positive influence in attracting people to restaurants, encouraging them to stay longer and resulting in increased sales. Singing, waiting for your turn and watching others sing is addictive, and hence people tend to spend more time and money in venues with karaoke.

Convert any room into a money making machine

An old smoking cabinet, cleaning closet or any other room can be easily transformed in to a karaoke booth. All you need is Singa, microphones, speakers, screen and a mixer. After the first month in operation, your fixed starting cost of a karaoke room is covered - even though the use of the room is far from full capacity.

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Convert any room into a money making machine
Singa has made a very positive effect on revenue on multiple levels. It brings customers into the club earlier, customers stay all night and new customers that we didn't previously have are checking out our venue.
Mark Middleton - Club Director, Nightclub Maxine, Helsinki
Mark Middleton Club Director, Nightclub Maxine, Helsinki

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